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Premium Coir Outdoor Mat

Coir mats are always the standard when it comes to outdoor mats! Made from 100% Natural Coconut Coir with Rubber Anti Slip Backing provides the best combination to keep the dirt and mud outside of your home (where it belongs!)

  •   What is coir mat?

Coir Mat is a Natural Scraper Outdoor Mat with the standard qualities of scraping your shoes and keeping dirt and mud outside.

  •   What are coir mats made from?

Our Coir Mats are made of 100% Natural Coconut Fiber

  •   What are the benefits of buying a coir mat?

Coir Mats provide the best possible scraping capabilities available in any Natural Outdoor Mat. They can be tough scraped and cleaned with a water hose or wiped clean!

  •   Where are coir mats used?  

Coir Mats are generally used outdoors at entrances or in the Gardens. However, we do not put a label on them to be used outdoors so feel free to use them wherever you want in your home!

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