How do I clean my floor mat?
Our mats are either machine washable or spray clean (spot clean). Outdoor range can mostly be cleaned with water hoses.

Which are the best Entrance Mats?
- Our extensive range of indoor and outdoor mats can be used for any kinds of entrance with heavy foot falls. Go through our top sellers or simply browse through.

Are Washable mats safe for hardwood floors?
Absolutely. Our mats are specifically designed and either PVC or Latex backed to ensure they are kind to your flooring<

Which door mat is best?
It depends on your needs. We have a range of Coir, Absorbent, water absorbent and super absorbent door mats.

Why Choose Uarehome for Mats?
We have some of the best water absorbent door mats that you can simply put in the machine for a quick wash. Some of our mats even go up to absorbing 3 litres/sq.m of water!

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