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Rubber Backed Door Mats

Rubber is an almost synonym for Durability. UAREHOME Rubber Backed mats ensure just that! Made to withstand heavy foot fall and traffic inside or outside your home.

  •   What is Rubber Mat?

Any mat made entirely out of rubber or contains rubber backing.

  •   What are types of rubber mats?

There can be either outdoor, indoor or coir mats that have rubber backing in them. There are no limitations to the use of Natural, Synthetic or Recycled Rubber when it comes to mats by UAREHOME.

  •   What are the benefits of buying rubber mats?

UAREHOME Rubber mats are tough, durable and easy to clean

  •   What is the purpose of rubber backed mats?

The main purpose of rubber mats is to keep your house clean, to make sure your house looks aesthetically pleasing while keeping the hygiene in mind.

  •   Are rubber-backed mats washable?

All rubber backed mats are washable either by a Water Hose or Spray/Spot Clean (the choice is yours)

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